Will the silver fall out of the solution?

No! Our silver is bonded to structured water, which has a unique hexagonal molecular pattern, ensuring the molecules remain in perfect suspension, never separating or sinking to the bottom, thus delivering consistent benefits with every drop.

Can silver products be used on my pets?

Yes! Our silver can be safely given to your pets. Our silver gel is a great first step for treating skin irritations. Use the solution to help reduce bad breath, and improve oral health and gut issues. See our blog for more information, uses, and benefits of silver for your furry friends!

Can I use your products on sensitive skin?

Absolutely. Our products are designed with all skin types in mind, including sensitive skin. We recommend patch testing any new skincare product if you have concerns about sensitivities.

Can I turn blue from using these?

No. Old colloidal silvers had a 1-1 kill ratio, meaning you had to consume much higher quantities of silver to reap the benefits. Our new technology kills pathogens at 10,000x/second, allowing for a lower PPM while also being vastly more effective.

What is your return policy?

We have a 100% satisfaction guarentee. If you are not totally satisfied, contact us within 30 days of recieving your product for a full refund.

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