Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy for American Liberty Silver

American Liberty Silver has been proudly shipping high-quality silver products since November 8 2023. We strive to ensure a seamless and reliable experience for our customers. With a track record of delivering excellence, you can trust us for all your silver needs. Read below for detailed information on our shipping procedures.

Domestic Shipping:

We utilize trusted carriers such as USPS (United States Postal Service), UPS, and FedEx for all domestic orders:

U.S. Orders:

We ship to all locations within the continental United States, including Alaska, and Hawaii. Our services also extend to PO Boxes, The choice of carrier depends on the weight and destination of your order. Most orders typically leave our warehouse on the same day if placed before 9:00 AM EST.

Refrigerated Products with Ice Packs:

Yes, we ship refrigerated products with ice packs. However, orders for Refrigerated Probiotics are shipped on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday only to avoid weekend delivery delays. This ensures timely delivery and prevents prolonged exposure to shipping facilities over the weekend. Probiotic orders are shipped with ice packs in an insulated carton.

American Liberty Silver will not be responsible for delays in shipping due to Shipping Carrier errors or accidents. Please understand that this is beyond our control.

Note on Overnight Shipping:

We highly recommend Overnight shipping, as couriers make it nearly impossible to ship orders while ensuring they arrive cool at your door. If a product arrives warm, simply refrigerate it upon arrival. The ice packs typically last for the first two days, minimizing exposure to warmer temperatures.

Many probiotics have been tested and shown to withstand extreme temperatures during a normal shipping cycle, even without gel-ice packs or refrigeration. The gel-ice packs absorb heat during shipping and may be warm or hot upon arrival. This is normal.

Still Need Help?

Our dedicated Customer Service Team is ready to assist you. Contact us at:

If you need assistance or have any questions please send us an email, We would love to help!