• Made in the USA

  • Will not metabolize in the body (Won't turn you blue!)

  • Natural immune support

  • Safely cleanses the gut of pathogens

  • Supports healthy digestive system

  • PH Balanced

  • 3rd party lab verifications

  • Made in GMP certified manufacturing facility

  • 100% All natural safe and effective ingredients

Alkaline Structured Silver Solution is YOUR first line of Defense Against Diseases!

  • Alkaline Structured Silver will not turn your skin blue

  • Proper alkaline silver PH balance is accepted into the cells

  • Unlike traditional silvers of 1 to 1 kill ratios, Structured Silver kills at 10,000 times a second for up to 12 hours.

  • Sourced and manufactured in the United States of America from the purest ingredients!

  • Immune boosting properties!

  • Bringing ancient remedies to YOU with the latest SILVER technology

Why Structured Water?

Structured water stands out with its unique, hexagonal molecular pattern, which closely mirrors the energized water found in the natural world and charged by Mother Earth, unlike the unstructured water from taps or bottles. This specialized arrangement means your body recognizes and utilizes this water more efficiently, leading to superior hydration. It enhances nutrient absorption and supports optimal cellular function, making every sip more beneficial for your health than conventional water. With structured water, you're not just drinking; you're nourishing your body at a cellular level, leveraging nature's blueprint for peak hydration and wellness.

Alkaline Structured Silver

Stays in Solution!

Say goodbye to the age-old concern of silver particles settling at the bottom of your bottle, (or your body) a notable issue with traditional silver products.

At American Liberty Silver, we've addressed this challenge by innovatively bonding silver molecules to structured water. This is achieved through a specific energetic frequency that ensures these molecules remain in perfect suspension, never separating or sinking to the bottom. This innovative method means our pH-balanced Alkaline Structured Silver remains perfectly mixed, offering consistent benefits with every drop. Plus, there's NO RISK of it metabolizing or accumulating in your body (this means that it wont turn you blue or create a condition known as Argyria). This makes American Liberty Silver a worry-free addition to your wellness routine.

Why does pH balance matter?

The human body thrives in an alkaline state, a fact supported by numerous studies. In this balanced environment, harmful bacteria and yeast struggle to flourish, unlike in an acidic state. Our Alkaline Structured Silver is meticulously pH balanced, maintaining a level of 7.4 or higher.
Unlock the secret to a healthier you with American Liberty Silver Solution, where the power of pH balance meets the purity of silver. Experience a life in sync with your body's natural equilibrium and revel in the transformative power of our unique silver solution.

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I take Silver Solution with me everywhere I go! It is my go to for our families health. It is the supplement of choice for a strong immune system for everyone. It’s so safe and effective! Love my Silver Solution!


American Liberty Silver Solution is my go to for building and maintaining a strong immune system.


AMERICAN LIBERTY SILVER SOLUTIONS Mission is to promote the benefits of silver-based products, including Alkaline Structured Silver, in promoting a stronger immune system and better overall health and wellness. AMERICAN LIBERTY SILVER SOLUTION strives to lead the way in bringing ancient remedies to the modern consumer, with the latest silver technology!

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